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CRYOPAK° Flexible Ice Blanket

CRYOPAK° Flexible Ice Blanket


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Cryopak° Flexible Ice™ Blanket is the new convenient and economical way to keep your perishables refrigerated during shipping.

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  • Lightweight to reduce shipping cost
  • Flexible when frozen for easy custom fit for almost any application
  • Provides uniform temperature distribution
  • Reduces Spoilage
  • Eliminates water seepage & mess
  • Adds Insulation and is light weight
  • Remains flexible by design when it’s frozen

CRYOPAK Flexible Ice Blanket is a unique sheet containing small adjoining cells that has liquid filled pouches containing a patented formula that delivers superior thermal protection for packing, shipping, and storage of temperature sensitive products.


Cryopak° Flexible Ice™ Blanket keeps food and beverages fresh – colder & longer. Cryopak° Flexible Ice™ Blanket is so versatile it can be cut and shaped for all your cold storage needs, conveniently fighting heat with patented, temperature holding tenacity. Great for lunch boxes, picnics, BBQ’s, camping and more. Ideal for sports wraps, first aid, medical or physiotherapy treatments.

Cryopak° Flexible Ice™ Blanket provides several benefits:

  • Lightweight to reduce shipping costs
  • Flexible when frozen for an easy custom fit for almost any application
  • Provides uniform temperature distribution
  • Reusable for added value to companies and consumers, yet inexpensive enough to be used as a disposable
  • Constructed of durable food grade materials
  • For packaging fresh meat, seafood, poultry and processed foods
  • Accepted for compliance with the USFDA, USDA and Agriculture Canada guidelines to protect temperature sensitive products
  • Safe, food grade, completely non-toxic, washable and environmentally friendly
  • Can be custom labelled to client specifications

Cryopak° Flexible Ice™ Blanket will effectively keep the contents coolers and shipping containers cool and fresh longer than ice without the watery mess. It is ideal for shipping Fish, Chocolate, Confections, Flowers, Prepared Foods, Meat, Fruit, Vegetables, Beverages, Poultry, Seafood, Candy, Vaccines, Serum, Pharmaceuticals, Blood Pouches, Bio Products, and Lab Samples.

Cryopak° Flexible Ice™ Blanket is the new convenient and economical way to keep your perishables refrigerated during shipping.

Greater Versatility and Conformance. Can be Refrozen and Reused!
Cryopak° Flexible Ice™ Blanket is flexible when frozen. You can wrap it around your products to maintain more consistent temperatures throughout your payload. It also offers more even weight distribution that will not shift during shipping. Your products will not be broken, crushed, or bent. You will avoid water-damage to your products from melted ice. And, you can reuse Cryopak° Flexible Ice™ Blanket for added savings.

Easy to Store, Easy and Safe to Use 
The product is light and compact during storage. It takes only a fraction of the space required to store ice, dry ice or gel packs. It is completely safe and non-toxic.

Reduces Freight Costs 
Cryopak° Flexible Ice™ Blanket reduces shipping weight because of it’s design and cold retension properties typical applications will use 20-30% less refrigerant weight then regular gel ice packs.

New Technology for Better Shipping 
The cells of each Cryopak° Flexible Ice™ Blanket contain small pouches to make the Flexible Ice Blanket. These pockets are filled with a proprietary bacteria fighting formula. To use, simply cut the pad to the size you want, freeze, and place in your shipping container.

Cryopak° Flexible Ice™ Blanket conveniently fights heat with patented temperature holding tenacity. The individual cells provide uniform cold distribution, while creating a protective insulation barrier to keep cold in.

MODEL 25000  25006 
SIZE 16.5”W x 34’L 16.5”W x 11.66”L
# OF CELLS Uncut Bulk Sheet 12 x 4 cell sheet
SHIPPING WEIGHT 50 lbs 50 lbs
UNITS PER CASE 1 Sheet 36 units


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