Cooling Bandana For Neck

At Axizz, we are committed to providing innovative and effective cooling solutions to enhance your comfort and well-being. Our extensive range of products is designed to cater to a variety of needs, from relieving pain to staying cool during outdoor activities. Let’s explore the exciting lineup of products that we offer, each crafted with precision

Speed up the Recovery from Injury with Therapy Wraps

For many decades, researchers and medical professionals are working hard to figure out the right ways to handle post-operative pain. But most common solutions are medications containing opioids. This drug is effective in relieving pain but has certain side effects like an addiction. However, cold compression therapy wraps are one effective way to reduce pain

Benifits of Hot and Cold Compress during Pain

You can treat almost every pain and discomfort with a hot and cold compress. Using a hot and cold reusable compress is an effective way to treat muscle pain. Plus, it’s affordable. But the tricky part is to tell what condition calls for hot therapy. Sometimes you need a combination of both to alleviate pain.

Hot-Cold wrist Wrist Gel Support

Have you ever felt a numbness or tingling sensation in your wrists or hands? Has this sensation been persistent for many months or gotten worse with time? If so, these can be the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). This condition may occur when a nerve in your hand or wrist is pinched. In most

Hot gel packs

Do you know that joint pain is a common reason for many to seek medical attention? Many people need the help of a doctor to cure their joint pain because everyone experiences different sorts of joint pain. It can be due to an injury, sleeping position or any other reason. Usually, the pain may go

Cervical neck wrap

Cervical pain is due to the age-related wear and tear that affects spinal discs in the neck. It often occurs when the cushions between the neck bones (also called vertebrae) lead to abnormality in one or more discs. When it happens, you experience neck pain due to muscle spasms or inflammation. In many cases, numbness

Back Therapy wraps

Back pain can occur due to trauma caused by a fall or any other accident. Most back pains are due to incorrect everyday activities like lifting a heavy object, sitting at a laptop or computer for hours, twisting to reach something, etc. However, if the back pain persists for over three months, it needs your

Cooling Wrist Band

Wrist pain is usually caused due to sprains or bone fractures from accidental injuries. However, the wrist pain may even result due to long-term issues like arthritis, repetitive stress and carpal tunnel syndrome. Due to various factors that cause wrist paint, it’s not easy to diagnose the exact reason for wrist pain. However, accurate diagnosis

Ice Pack Brands For Cooler in 2022

The advanced cooler is always considered worth it due to its ability to sustain ice. However, it largely depends on the quality of an ice pack. If you are tired of the inability of your cooler ice packs to remain cold, you need to think of changing the ice pack brand. In this article, we’ll

Reduce The Risk Of Arthritis

There are so many types of arthritis affecting various people across the globe. Most types of osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. According to certain research, genes are the cause of developing arthritis in some people. However, with some routine changes like exercise, using gel ice packs etc, a person can reduce arthritis pain while slowing or preventing