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The COOLMOR Dry Gel is used to make Personal Cooling Products like Bandanas. Head Bands, Wrist Bands, Cooling Vests, Baseball Caps, Visors, etc.

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The TEMTRO Dry Gel Crystal Advantage

The TEMTRO Dry Gel Crystals are proven products in the manufacturing of their respective uses and is economical and simple to use. The Dry Gel Crystals are used for manufacturing of Gel Ice Packs. Simply add water to the TEMTRO Dry Gel crystals to make Gel Ice Packs in minutes. It’s as easy as that!


The TEMTRO™ Dry Gel is effectively used for making standard or attractively colored Gel Ice Packs for refrigerated shipping. The Gel Ice Packs can be effectively used in lunch boxes, coolers and shipping containers to refrigerate perishables longer than ice.

Directions to Automatically Make Gel Ice Packs and Compresses

Gel Ice Packs and Compresses can also be conveniently made using the TEMTRO Gel Pack Production Machine. A single operator can produce 150 to 200 16 oz Gel Ice Packs per hour and can be increased to between 300 and 350 units per hour with two operators.

Start Up Production Costs

To start manufacturing Gel Ice Packs all you will  have to invest in is:

  • TEMTRO Dry Gel Crystals
  • Impulse Heat Bag Sealer
  • Bags


The TEMTRO Dry Gel Crystals are available as follows and can be ordered directly below:


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