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Decorative Gel (10g makes 1 Qt / 2 lbs) – CLEAR

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Florist Ice is a new, innovative and an exciting product that is decorative and it’s unique properties gives fresh cut flowers an extended life.  Florist Ice is mainly used in flower arrangements but can be used for many other applications, there are endless creative uses.

Florist Ice will make any arrangement eye-catching, unique and exciting.  You can use a single color or get very creative with multiple colors.  Florist Ice can also be used with dry, silk or synthetic flowers to give them a more appealing look.

With Florist Ice imagination is your only boundary. Everybody can now make a decorative arrangement of any sort without any special skills and make every decoration a master piece… awesome, exquisite, exotic, wow!!!

Some of the other decorative uses with Florist Ice are: candles, retail store displays, weddings decorations, parties and much more….

Florist Ice™ is conveniently shipped in a “Dry Crystal” form.  Simply soak the Florist Ice™ Dry Crystals in water for 1-4 hours and start creating your personal “Picasso’s”  and start exploring your creativity within seconds.

Each 10 gram packet of Florist Ice crystals will make approximately one Quart ( ~ 2 Pounds ) of Florist IceGel.


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