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  • How to Preserve the Quality of Perishable Goods During Shipping?

We live in a time and age wherein we can get anything from anywhere across the globe delivered at our doorsteps. Things are convenient for buyers and users, but not so easy for manufacturers and exporters. They face numerous challenges in shipping goods, especially perishable products. If not properly handled or managed, perishable goods can quickly rot and go waste. To prevent any such situation, they are supposed to use certain products and follow some measures. Read further to find about the products, techniques and tips that one must use and follow for keeping perishable goods fresh and nice during shipping.

Pick the Right Packaging

Just as one perishable good differs from another, there is a difference between various types of packaging as well. Therefore, you must choose the most appropriate packaging. You must familiarize yourself with the different types of packaging so that the choice becomes easy for you. Packaging varies with the food type, such as frozen goods require a fair amount of insulation for maintaining cold temperature. Likewise, baked goods, vegetables and fruits require plastic and foil wraps to be in good condition throughout the shipping process. The containers used in the packaging should also be picked wisely.

Insulated Thermal Shipping Envelope

A practical yet economical way of providing short-term thermal shipping protection to perishable goods, including food, plants and pharmaceuticals, is to use Thermapack Thermal Shipping Envelope. These insulated covers keep products refrigerated for up to 24 hours and can be reused. When used correctly and put in the right sized box, they provide efficient protection to perishable goods. They are ideal for shipping fish, chocolate, flowers, prepared foods, vegetables, beverages, meat, fruit, poultry, seafood, vaccines, serum, blood pouches, bio products and lab samples.

Keep Perishable Goods Secure

Once the packing and wrapping are done, the next step is to ensure that the perishable goods remain secure during shipping and until they reach their destination. You have to ensure that they don’t keep moving around and bumping inside the containers they are packed in. You should fill the containers properly and can place bindings to make sure that the items remain well in their place.

Pick the Correct Mode of Shipping

The mode of shipping that you choose for shipping perishable goods is also of integral importance. For shipping most of the items locally, you can choose vans and trailers that are well equipped with their cooling systems. However, you would have to choose ocean or air freight as the shipping mode for transporting goods internationally. They have controlled temperature systems that ensure safe transport and efficient delivery of perishable goods.

Avoid Delays and Long Routes

Despite using quality products like gel ice packs, Thermapack thermal shipping envelope and temperature-controlled modes of transportation, perishable goods do rot and go waste. This usually happens because of the delays that are made in shipping them or because of the longer routes chosen. Therefore, you as the one responsible shipping perishable goods should ensure avoiding all sorts of delays and longer routes at all times.

Perishable goods are one of the most common types of goods being shipped and delivered across the globe every day. Therefore, those shipping perishable items must be well informed about the several ways they can count on for maintaining the quality and condition of these items. They are highly susceptible to damage during shipping, but few tips and high-quality products like Thermapack thermal shipping envelope can help keep perishable goods nice and fresh for a long period.