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The THERAPRO Heat Therapy Packs are available in various sizes and brilliant colors. They may be ordered directly from our web site.

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  • Provides Soothing and Warmth
  • To use simply Heat in Water or Microwave
  • Reduces pain, aches & muscle spasms
  • Fun, Attractive & Exciting Colors
  • Convenient Leakproof Design
  • Reusable, Economical & Effective
  • Perfect Heat Therapy TreatmentsThe THERAPRO Heat Therapy Pack is a versatile, practical, therapeutic and fun product. It contains a state of the art gel which provides soothing even warmth for extended periods of time. The therapeutic THERAPROHeat Therapy Pack can be effectively used to treat sprains, strains, spasms, contusions and can reduce aches and pains. This is an economical product which can be used over and over again. THERAPRO is available in a multitude of fun, exciting, attractive colors. It is the new fun way to apply compresses.The following products are available and can be ordered directly from this website:


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