How to Care for your Dog in Heat

A dog is rightly said to be the man’s best friend. They are there to provide emotional support to humans, protect them and ready to fight for their owners if needed. Therefore, you must take good care of your adorable pup, especially when you own a female dog.

Some new female dog owners may not know how to take care of her when she’s in heat. Dogs in heat can become quite unpredictable, so you need to be aware of the symptoms to help your pet avoid any uncontrollable situations.

Female Dog Menstruates

If you’re not aware, your female dog menstruates just like a female mammal. However, it’s not like the same duration and frequency of menstruation as in women. But the remaining aspects are quite similar.

When a female dog is in her puberty, i.e. around six months old, she is likely to experience the first period that signifies her fertility. Although the cycles are irregular in the beginning, they become regular within two years. The duration of female dog menstruation is around three weeks and it occurs twice a year, unlike humans.

Plus, there is no menopause in dogs. However, if your female dog misses a period, you need to consult your veterinarian to find out any underlying medical condition. Speaking of dog heat, here are a few signs indicating that your dog is in the heat:

  • Receptive to male dogs
  • Swollen vulva
  • Straw or bloody coloured vulva discharge
  • Aggressive or agitated behaviour
  • Excessive licking on the genital area
  • Frequent urination
  • Change in tail position

How to Comfort and Care for your Female Dog in Heat? 

Female Dog

Here are a few steps that you must take when your dog is in the heat:-

  • Dog Cooling Products: You can invest in Dog Cooling Products and Dog Cooling Vest to relieve their pain. It will provide them comfort during menstruation.
  • Do not let your Dog Walk without a Leash: Leashed walks will protect her from aggressive male dogs and also keep her from going too far or become too aggressive.
  • Make an Exercise Routine: You need to make a proper exercise routine for her to ensure that she stays active even when in heat. Just figure out your dog’s requirements and make exercise plans accordingly.
  • Use Tracking Chips: You can attach GPS tracking chips on her leash to know her location if she runs away. It is also helpful even when she’s not in heat.
  • Use Heat Pants: The heat pants help collect her discharge and keep your pet, as well as surroundings, clean. But these pants won’t prevent the mating act. So, you need to be careful, especially when she’s in heat.
  • Use Menthol: You can use menthol on her tail to mask the smell of hormones released during the heat. It also helps her keep away from male dogs.
  • Talk to a Vet: Even though it is a normal cycle, you may consult a vet to know more about dog heat and how to take care of your pooch in this phase. You may even get her checked from time to time after her fertile period is over to ensure she is pregnant or not.


We understand that dogs in heat are not fun to be around, as they become agitated and aggressive. But you need to provide your furry friend comfort when she goes into heat. The heat cycle of canine includes various stages – bleeding, high fertility and behavioural changes. So, your vet can provide you with all the information on how to handle her during all these stages while keeping her safe and comfortable.

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