Treat Injuries with Cold Compression Therapy for Better and Fast Recovery

Muscle strains and sprains make life hard, as they end up restricting our movement considerably. However, the discomfort associated can be managed and reduced with the right kind of timely treatment. Cold compression therapy has long been a go-to treatment for everybody, including professional athletic trainers and physiotherapists. It is a proven treatment for a better and fast recovery from muscle spasms and bruises.

How Cold Compression Therapy Heals Injuries Faster?

Hot And Cold Reusable Compress

  • Minimizes Swelling – Swelling is the main reason that makes muscle sprains and pulls painful. Swelling is a result of our body’s response to the damage caused to the living tissues. When more blood and fluid movement starts in the injured area, it tends to swell up. The best thing that you can do to bring down swelling is to apply a Hot And Cold Reusable Compress over the affected area. It helps constrict the blood vessels and reduce blood and fluid flow that caused swelling in the first place.
  • Reduces Pain – Pain that we feel after a muscle pull and strain is because the muscles get inflamed and swollen. As cold compression therapy helps reduce swelling, it automatically reduces pain as well. Additionally, the cold compression technique has a numbing effect. The less painful our injured area feels, the better we can recover and vice versa.
  • Faster Tissue Repair – Cold compression therapy helps relieve injury-related swelling and inflammation and also increases nutrient and oxygen delivery to the injured site. As a result, we heal much faster because of the quick tissue repair.
  • Increases Lymphatic Drainage – Lymphatic drainage or evacuation is integral after injury, as healing without it can’t be so effective. Cold therapy, along with a cold compress, is the best possible solution, as it increases lymph flow and helps one get back to routine faster.
  • Reduces Pain Medication Use – Sprains and muscle strains can at times be painful and thus, demand good use of pain killers. However, the pain can be managed with the appropriate use of cold compression therapy.

How to Choose the Best Cold Compression Wrap?

For performing cold compression therapy, you require an ideal Hot And Cold Reusable Compress wrap. But how to determine which one out of the so many different wraps available is the best for you? You first need to research different options available, as each is meant for a unique athletic, professional, and residential application.

There is a difference in the types of compression, as these wraps can either be utilized for dynamic or static compressions. Dynamic compression is all about better control over pressure levels; whereas, static compression is applied using wearable cold compression wraps. The wearable ones are easier to use and offer convenience to continue doing other activities while enjoying healing therapy. They can be applied on the neck, knee, foot, wrist, elbow, and back injuries for effective healing and quick recovery.

Dynamic compression, on the other hand, has increased efficacy and is mainly used by professional physiotherapists, athletic trainers, rehabilitation specialists, etc. Dynamic cold compress wearable wraps available these days also are convenient enough. They are ideal for those who require efficient cold therapy to heal faster. With adjustable compression, these wraps can be set to match the exact cold compression level to suit the injury and recovery. The high-quality dynamic wraps are suitable for application on different parts of the body, including the lower back, shoulder, and knee. As they tend to stay in their place for long, you can expect minimal or no discomfort.

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