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  • How to Treat Neck Pain Using Cold Compression Technique?

Pain and stiffness in any part of the body can become serious trouble if ignored initially. Some niggles or twinges go away on their own, while others demand timely care and treatment, just like neck pains do. We will talk about treating neck injury, pain, and stiffness through cold compression techniques using Cervical Neck Wrap.


Your neck, made of muscles, bones, and ligaments, supports your head and is responsible for its movement. Even the slightest pain or discomfort in the neck makes your head movement a task. Almost everybody experiences pain and some level of stiffness in and around the neck occasionally because of a wrong sleeping or sitting posture and some kind of jerk caused during physical activity.

Most of the time, neck pain isn’t a big problem and one naturally gets rid of it in a day or two. However, you should consult your physician at the earliest if symptoms persist for a long time. You should also seek medical help if your neck pain is accompanied by fever, vomiting, headache, weakness, numbness and tingling sensation, pain going down to arms and legs, a lump in the neck, or inability to move hands and arms.

Using Cold Compression Technique

Cold compression is the age-old technique used for easing neck pains and sprains. When you use ice on the affected part, it numbs the pain. It also helps reduce inflammation and swelling. You can use an ice pack or a high-quality cervical neck wrap for the same. These wraps are specially made for making the cold compression technique all the more effective and easy.

They have a three-layer design, including the outermost nitrogen-blown neoprene layer, the middle layer comprising re-freezable gels, and the innermost layer made of rubber impregnated linen. You just have to freeze these neck wraps for about two hours and they are ready to be used. You can apply the wrap around your neck and upper shoulder area and can adjust it using the Velcro fastener.

Whenever you use a cold compression technique anywhere on your body, you should never use it for a long period. Just use it several times a day for short durations. A cervical neck wrap is a perfect option, as it just doesn’t let you use cold therapy for long. Once frozen, it would provide the cold therapy effect on your neck for about ten minutes. After that, it automatically returns to normal body temperature. In case you forget to remove the wrap on time, it won’t harm you.

You don’t have to worry about issues like over icing, as is the case with traditional cold compression techniques. When you use conventional ice packs, they can hurt your skin if applied for too long. Additionally, you require using a cloth or towel between your skin and the ice pack. You don’t require taking all these precautions while using cervical neck wraps for treating a sprain or any other type of neck injury. They are made of stretchable layers that prevent tearing and let cold therapy reach deep into your skin and ligaments. As a result, you can expect a quick recovery and relief from pain and swelling. The cloth and the materials used in high-quality neck wraps are also comfortable on the skin. They provide added insulation, so your skin doesn’t sweat much. These wraps are also easy to maintain, as you can wash them at home and disinfect the innermost layer using an anti-bacterial wipe.

The cold compression technique helps treat a neck injury, pain, and stiffness. Rather than using traditional ice pads, you can use quality and convenient cervical neck wraps.