Many prestigious companies such as Aldrich Chemical, Bayer Corporation, Clorox, Dow Chemical, Dunkin Donuts, ICI, International Paper, Kimberly Clark, Quest, US Air Force, and Ultralife Batteries, and have chosen to do business with AXIZZ LLC. The reason for this is simple. We offer the widest selection of quality temperature control products at cost effective prices and back our products with unbeatable service. Please look below for other representative AXIZZ LLC customers.

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Our innovative high quality temperature control products have drawn favorable attention from the media and end users. Following are two examples:

        “…COOLMOR sells a line of personal cooling products including cooling

         bandannas, headbands, and wristbands……
Whether you’re hiking the trail or walking the dog on a hot summer night,
the Cooling Bandanna promises to make the trip more pleasant”

Donald Groff
The Philadelphia Inquirer

      “Wrap the (COOLMOR Cooling) Bandanna around your neck and, via the
magic of evaporative cooling, you’ll no longer be hot under the collar”

Richard A. Marini
San Antonio Express-News


‘Thank you so much for your quick response and assistance. You have won me.’

Westend Corporation, Australia


We are in the process of perfecting a fitted dog blanket using your Dry Gel.  Veterinary tests are now complete and all seem to be very happy with the product. I am very please with this report’

 Nadine Wood

COOLMOR™ Bandannas

We purchased a COOLMOR Cooling Bandanna at a craft fair…….This bandanna works wonderfully.’

Sherry Carter, Canada

Fast Delivery

I got my order this morning, only 24 hours after placing it by phone. Thanks for the fast turnaround.

John Oglethrope, FL


Thank you very much for your prompt reply…….you are a wonderful organization. God Bless.

Dharma, Westend Corporation

Miscellaneous Products

‘Thanks for all your help. I wanted you to know that you’re the only company that took time to respond. Thanks again’

Paul Reynosa, CA

THERAPRO™ Hot/Cold Gel Packs

“….Thanks for processing my order so quickly’

F. King, CA

THERAPRO™ Therapy Band

‘I have nerve damage in my legs from a car wreck and five subsequent surgeries. You products help keep me cool even with my brace and heavy shoes on’

Debra Jensen


‘Thank you very much for getting the products to us so quickly….they worked very well. Enjoy doing business with you.’

             Dennis Whelms, TX
Hombre Foods