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The attractive and soothing THERAPRO Fever Reducing Bands are available in the following attractive, exciting colors and can be ordered from our web site:

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The Ultimate Portable Instant Heat Packs

REACTRO™ Instant Heat Packs works all day is air activated with a time release formulae and disposable and is available in convenient sizes. The REACTRO Instant Heat Packs are versatile and practical. It provides instant even Heat for 5-20 hours depending on size.


REACTRO Instant Heat Packs can be effectively used in lunch boxes, coolers, shipping containers, and buffets to keep prepared food and other items toasty warm for an extended time. It is ideal for catering companies and restaurants that deliver prepared items frequently like Pizza and Chinese food.

How does REACTRO™ Heat Packs

REACTRO™ Instant Heat Packs literally “run on air”. Simply open pack and the air will automatically activate the REACTRO™ Instant Heat Pack and it will be ready for use in a few minutes. Each soft, lightweight pouch contains a mixture of iron powder, water, vermiculite, cellulose, activated carbon and salt. Once the outer package is opened, an oxidation process takes place which causes a safe, natural reaction to release heat. REACTRO™ Instant Heat Packs utilize the same technology as used by the National Ski Patrol, explorers of the Arctic and Antarctica and military forces around the world.


If Heating time is not completely exhausted, REACTRO™ Instant Heat Packs Heating action can be preserved for several days by packing them in an airtight container, such as a zip-seal poly bag.

REACTRO™ Instant Heat Packs are available in the following sizes: 

  •   4″ x 2″ ~ Lasts between 7-11 Hours
  •  4″ x 5½” ~ Lasts between 16-20 Hours

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