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  • KoolerAire™ All-In-One Combo
  • KoolerAire™ All-In-One Combo
KoolerAire™ Portable / Camping Combo

KoolerAire™ Portable / Camping Combo


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Nothing comes close to KoolerAire when it comes to providing 12 volt air conditioning for your cuddy or small boat cabin!

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Instantly turn your cooler into an Air Conditioner!

With its attractive compact design, whisper quiet fan and low power consumption KoolerAire is the economical alternative to portable air conditioners costing hundreds of dollars!

Unlike other brands, Kooleraire Air Conditioner for Camping is the most portable, 12-volt air conditioner you could buy that is not restricted by messy hoses, pads, pumps, or additional gear!

High price does not equal performance, try KoolerAire and Save BIG! KoolerAire will provide cooling comfort for HUNDREDS less than any other brand Guaranteed!

Just add ice and let KoolerAire supply you with ice cold, refreshing air the moment you plug it in!


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