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  • Ice Leg Wraps For Horses
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ColdOne™ Equestrian Ice Leg Wraps for Horses

ColdOne™ Equestrian Ice Leg Wraps for Horses


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Coldone fetlock wraps combine stretchable neoprene and a cold inner layer to drive cold deep and prevent swelling.

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The Ultimate Equestrian Therapy Wraps

ColdOne Ice Leg Wraps for Horses combine cold therapy and compression therapy in a single product to reduce swelling and pain in the fetlock and hoof areas.

Our unique layered construction combines an outer layer of durable neoprene for compression which drives cold deep, with a center layer of refreezable flexible encapsulated 100% non-toxic gel, and an inner layer of linen to reduce skin shock.

Coldone Compression/Cold Wraps Reduce Pain and Swelling More Effectively Than Any Other Therapeutic Product. Reusable and Affordable. ColdOne products are 100% Non-Toxic, USDA and FDA Approved.

Equine Cold Therapy

Horse owners and trainers have long known the value of cold therapy. Cold therapy is especially helpful in reducing inflammation and controlling pain.

In response to injury, tissues release a variety of chemicals and vasoactive substances (cytokins, prostaglandins, leukotines) that produce a cascade effect of reactions, ultimately resulting in localized swelling, heat and pain.

Applying cold therapy to a tissue injury, limits the inflammatory response by causing the blood vessels to constrict (vasoconstriction). This limits the blood flow to the injured site, moderating the release of the vasoactive substances and thus minimizes the pain and swelling in the afflicted area.

Cold Therapy to Relieve Pain

Applying cold therapy after an acute injury helps to ease pain. Cold slows the conduction rate of sensory receptors; therefore fewer numbers of pain messages are received and processed by the brain.

Cold Therapy to Control Swelling

After a tissue injury, there is an immediate chemical reaction at the cellular level. This reaction releases prostaglandins and histamines in the injured area. Damaged capillaries “leak” cellular waste (water, dissolved electrolytes and proteins) into the surrounding tissue.

The body sends leukocytes or scavenger cells into the area to remove damaged tissue or to kill bacteria that may be present. Once this process starts, significant amounts of fluid build in intercellular spaces causing “edema,” or swelling.

Coldone fetlock wraps combine stretchable neoprene and a cold inner layer to drive cold deep and prevent swelling.

All Coldone components are made of the highest quality products and crafted with superior workmanship. They are quite simply made to last.


  • Outer Neoprene
  • Refreezable Gel Ice Pack
  • Inner Linen to Reduce Shock

    There are no other products on the market which have the durability of product, ease of use, and immediate effectiveness in reducing fetlock swelling at any price.

    Get the best and get back on paddock or ring.

    Each pair of fetlock wraps come in plastic wrapping.  Freeze for 4 hours and they are ready to use.  Refreezable and reusable.


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