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The Ultimate Cooling Bandanna

COOLMOR™ Cooling Bandannas are designed to provide instant cooling relief in hot environments. Simply soak the Bandanna in water and wear loosely around your neck or forehead. The super absorbent crystals in the interior of the Bandanna will absorb over 1000 times their own weight in water and provide cooling relief for days. This attractive product is made from a soft, comfortable fabric that enhances evaporation and cooling. COOLMOR™ Cooling Bandannas are a great way to ‘air condition’ yourself and keep ultracool.


The COOLMOR™ Cooling Bandanna can be effectively used to keep cool in any hot environment when doing activities like the following:

  • Sports
  • Camping
  • Gardening
  • Indoor Work
  • Outdoor Work
  • Painting

The COOLMOR™ Cooling Bandanna is available in the following attractive, fun and exiting colors:


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