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TEMTRO™ Color Dye

TEMTRO™ Color Dye


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The following TEMTRO™ Coloring Dyes are available and can be ordered directly of this secure website:

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After extensive research, we have developed a whole series of dyes that can be used to add brilliant colors to gel ice packs and compresses. These dyes are made from FD & Colorants or natural pigments dispersed in a sugar syrup, dextrose, or a sorbitol based vehicle.

TEMTRO™ Coloring Dyes offers outstanding color intensity and is used by simply adding to the water during the production of gel ice packs and compresses.

Best of all, TEMTRO™ Coloring Dyes are completely safe to use.

The TEMTRO™ Coloring Dyes Concentrates are available as follows and can be ordered directly from our web site. Each gallon of dye will make thousands of gel ice packs:

Please email or call for custom colors.


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