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KoolerAire's only limitation is your imagination! KoolerAire's powerful, whisper quiet, 100 cfm, brush-less fan works effortlessly while providing you with portable air conditioning from “Ice Cold Air!”
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1 x KoolerAire Base Unit
1 x Igloo Family Cooler
1 x AC/DC Power Converter

KoolerAire’s unique design ensures a nice snug fit around the top portion of your Igloo cooler, it is this fit that enables KoolerAire to work so effectively! From the moment the unit is turned on air is forced downward into the sealed, ice filled cooler. This airflow is directed across the ice, cooled and resulting in icy cold air approximately 50°F blown out to cool you… awesome! (All this with an outside temperature of 80°F, that’s a 30°F drop)

Why spend hundreds of dollars on one of those other “portable air conditioners” only to have messy hoses, pumps and water supply to contend with? The portability of these brands is actually limited due to the elements which are required to operate them! Bring KoolerAire along and enjoy total air conditioning freedom without spending a fortune!

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